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Football as a Business

Rinus Michels, Dutch football player and one of the greatest football managers of all time is known to have stated that “Football is business and business is business.”

We know football is big business where many institutions and people make a lot of money. This starts with football clubs, players, technical directors, managers and organizations like FIFA, each of whom have a varying share in this market. The fans, on the other hand, are a cog that keeps the wheel turning in this system. Fans tune in to the football broadcasts, attend matches at the stadiums, invest in their team’s merchandise and express their happiness or disappointment depending on how their team is performing. One of the best examples of how a person can make great sacrifices without any financial incentive is by being a fan. Many fans intend to benefit the team they belong to through club membership, going to a game, subscriptions, jersey scarves and shopping in stores, among many more. However, we would like to point out that profit can also be made for fans and watchers of football now.

When you research methods to make money on the Internet, people often think about content producing, marketing products online, education, dropshopping, cryptocurrency trading or even writing an e-book. However online betting is rarely talked about. This may be the case because there is a possibility of losing money on a bet, or that gambling is not a way of making money. However, it should be known that there is a risk of losing money in cryptocurrency trading, investing in shares or any other form of business investment and in some instances these losses may be much larger than potential losses during betting. Other alternatives are areas that are difficult to do without special training or courses that you need to take from scratch, and you should know that you have thousands of alternative competitors at the time you are ready to start your business venture.

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Well, how about looking a little more warmly at betting which is an easier and more profitable method of making money. If you are a football fan, you will be following your favorite team and their matches closely. In fact, those who go a step further closely follow the fixtures and matches of their team's arch rivals. A football fan already has made an incredible investment into following the matches of their favourite teams or rival teams. While the purpose may be for enjoyment and love of one’s team, the dividend is the knowledge obtained through following the matches and knowing all about one’s favourite team and players. Using your knowledge, you can make informed decisions about how much and when to bet and the most logical bet to make. If this sounds like an investment, that is because it is. In fact many institutions and universities call this form of betting, sport investing. Like any investment, there is a risk associated, however with betting or sport investing there are many ways to reduce the risk on your investment such as hedging which you do not often get with other investments.

Yes, you are estimating probability and there may be many surprises, but the most important thing to know is that there is an algorithm that predicts the most likely outcome of each match. There is a pool of information that relies on hundreds and thousands of data points including, team history, form, the injured or suspended player on the day of that match and performance against a rival team. Evaluating all of these, of course, is not the job of a fan, because this means going beyond a hobby and dedicating time to this job professionally, which is not possible for most people.

But the good news is that Betprecise is here to research, analyse and share all this information for you. What we want to do here is to share this passion, with people who want to turn their hobby of watching football into a form of earning money. As you are aware some people make money through betting or sports investing. The trick is to increase your chance of making money by relying on the right information and Betprecise is a dedicated service that will provide you with evidence based information to give you the most likely outcome of the matches of your favourite teams or European football leagues.