Football Betting Strategies For Income

1)Know football inside out.

You have to study and analyse each league and games to know every detail about the team you’re betting on as well as their opponent.

There’s an incredible number of variables that go into football betting and there’s no way of predicting the correct outcome every time.

However, there are certain tips and strategies we can use to increase our chances of winning football bets.

Here are some aspects to consider:

  • Take Home and Away Performances into Account.
  • How’s their current form in attack and defence?
  • What are their recent results like? Do they get lucky?
  • Injuries and team selections etc
  • Take Circumstances and Dates into Account.


The little details are the most important here.

These will help you spot the good bets from the mediocre ones and ultimately allow you to make more money with your football betting strategy.

In my view, going this in-depth analysis only makes the process of betting on football more enjoyable.

To be really on the ball you should watch as many live games on TV and/or streaming services as you can and read all the relevant info on football.

To make ongoing profits consistently over a longer period of time you need to know everything about your football.

2)Open more than one bookmaker account and treat it as business not hobby

You need to take it seriously as you would expect to make regular income from it.

Also you need to have at least 4 or more accounts to compare the odds/benefits etc for ongoing successful professional trading as 1 or 2 accounts simply will not be sufficient.our football.

3)Keep a record to meet your football betting target

The next football betting strategy we’re going to check out is keeping a record.

At the end of every week or month, depending on your preference and how many bets you place, you should tally up your overall profit and loss and check whether you’re in the green or red.

If you’re in the green, you should continue with your current strategy.

However, if you’re in the red, check which bets are losing you the most money and see if you can change your tactics slightly.

Whatever it is, keeping a record of your betting activity will allow you to highlight and improve your overall betting strategy with the aim of winning more football bets and it is vital.

So what specifically should you record? 

Here are some things to consider:

  • What bets you win and lose
  • The amount you stake on your bets
  • The overall profit or loss from each bet
  • The bookmaker you use for each bet

You get the idea…

Basically, anything that you think is important for analysing your bets.

This way you’re more likely to achieve your goal and win more football bets in the process.

4)The fewer selections, the better. ...

If you're betting to make money, think small, not big. One team or selection if you can stake enough. Three or four maximum. 

If you do enough research, you should feel relatively safe putting $10 to $50 on one selection. But trebles usually offer a decent return if you really do want a higher payout.

Avoid important events like derby games. The unpredictable element is magnified because there's more at stake and players may elevate themselves for that extra degree of honour and pride.

5)Don’t bet with your heart

Don’t place bets based on your emotion. This will only lead to bad decisions and could mean you lose out in terms of overall profit.

I recommend you don’t bet on a team you support unless your football analysis and research suggests you should.

As is usually the way, bringing emotions into the mix could cloud your judgement.

Take the small wins

Be smart and look for the smaller, more likely wins and your betting will be much more profitable.

Don’t let small wins discourage you. In fact, you should be pleased that your football betting strategy is working. A win is a win and it’s money in your pocket rather than the bookies.

Easiest football bets to win

  • Double Chance Bet. A double chance bet lets you cover two possible outcomes of all the three in a football match. Such a bet is highly likely to be correct than a bet placed on a single outcome. The risk is low and the accuracy high. 
  • Over/Under Goals 1.5/4.5

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This is Part 1 of the series. Part 2 is to follow.